Special Effects & Add On's

  • Cold Sparks & Dry Ice

    Make your photos pop with our dry ice and cold spark package! Only $399 this package includes up to 8 minutes of sparks and 3 minutes of dry ice cloud cover. This is perfect for your first dance or use the cold sparks to announce your arrival or even set them off when you cut your cake! This package is FREE in our Ultimate Combo and Ultimate Photo packages

  • Bubble Machine & Extra Long Sparklers

    This is probably one of the most EPIC ways you can exit either your ceremony or reception! Our commercial grade bubble machine will create a bubble wonderland and make your photos abolutely pop! Here's our hot tip, combine the bubble machine with a sparkler exit and end up with an epic photo like the one below! The bubble machine is only $149 to hire. Add on our extra long 70cm sparkers ( $1.99 per sparkler) and make your sparker exit one to remember!

  • Social Media Photo Booth

    This is a brilliant way to get your reception rocking! Guests absolutely LOVE our social media photo booth as they can do GIFS, Slo-Mo's, Boomerangs and Pcitures and send them direct to their phone! The best part about it is that you get the whole gallery to keep as well. The photo booth is an open air style with a red velvet backdrop mesuring 1.5 x 2m. Please note there are no prints with this booth. The booth is free in our Platinum and Ultimate packages or can be hired seperately for $599.

  • Audio Guest Book

    This is a fantastic way to capture all the special memories of your big day as your guets leave you sweet messages on our speciality vintage audio guest boook. Our team sets up the audio guest book for you with some cute signage and it's yours to use for the whole night! The phone by its self is only $299. You can also add on a custom vinyl record with all your messages on it for $199 and add on our magic number which allows guests who were unable to attend to call in and still leave you a message for onlyv $49. Hire all three for $539!